The First Environmental symposium
Maj ja Tor Nessling Foundation 16.-18.8. 1995 Helsinki
Recent developments in cyanobacteria research
Scientific program and abstracts
Cyanobacterial blooms and health hazards
Ecology of cyanobacteria and their role in aquatic
Cyanobacterial toxins - detection and analysis
Identification of cyanobacteria based on morphology or
molecular biology
Cyanobacterial toxins - production and persistence
Cyanobacterial toxins - cellular, physiological and
ecological effects and mechanisms of action
Monitoring and management of toxins and blooms of
Public lectures


The second environmental symposium will be held in Helsinki during 27.-29.8.1998.
"Bioremediation of Contaminated Soil and Ground Water: Traditional methods and
Possibilities for Gene Technology".