Nessling nest


The Nessling Nest is a free workspace for researchers who are solving environmental challenges and for other actors who are advancing the transfer of environmental research results to society.


Collaboration is essential to solving environmental challenges. The Nessling Nest is a meeting place where there is room for discussion and research.



    Foundation's office
    +358 9 4342 550


    Fredrikinkatu 20 A (1. krs), Helsinki


    Long-term spaces: Birch, Lily and Perch

    Each room has space for four researchers. Bookings are made for 1-12 months at a time.

    The spaces are filled as they become available.

    Available and next available workstations:

    • There are no long-term spaces available at the moment
    • You can apply for the popup space


    Popup space: Swan


    The Swan is best suited for occasional workspace needs. The space is also suitable for short visits of a few hours or a day, and can accommodate up to 8 people at a time.

    The space manager is responsible for opening the door to the space on weekdays from 9:00-15:00. It is also possible to work in the space longer, however.

    Apply for a space

    Other spaces


    The Bear and Aula are reserved for the use of researchers in the Nessling Nest.

    Bear: The room is reserved for meetings and phone calls. This ensures that the other spaces remain calm working environments.

    Aula: Space for up to thirty people. Can be reserved for various events for the researchers in the space, such as seminars.

    Nessling Nest


    • Over 200m² of space
    • Spacious and bright apartment
    • The atmosphere of an old house
    • Rooms for working, small events and meetings
    • Kitchen
    • Showers
    • Fantastic location in the heart of Punavuori
    • Inspiring and multidisciplinary work community
    • Possibility for yoga and dance

    How to apply

    All researchers and actors solving environmental challenges can apply for a long-term  workspace, regardless of their funder if the space is needed for daily use. A pop-up-working space is best for those who needs a work space occasionally. In the event that there are many applicants, researchers funded by the Nessling Foundation will be given priority. We reserve the right to select who will work in the space.

    Applications for the space are always made through the E-NESSI system. Using the system requires registration.

    NB! The spaces are filled as they become available. The application process for the popup space is continuous.


    Video: Nessling Nest

    The Nessling Nest is a free workspace for researchers who are solving environmental challenges.



    Tarja Rannisto

    Doctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki

    "I'm writing my disseration on importance of nature's esthetic experiences and values in decision making and urban planning."


    Salla Mikkonen

    Doctoral Researcher, University of Tampere

    "I'm writing my dissertation on lobbying practices in the EU, in relation to food trade and global food governance"


    Kaisa Välimäki

    Coordinator, Forum for Environmental Information (FEI) kaisa.välimäki(at)

    “FEI advances transfer of scientific information in the field of environmental research to national policy-making and administration.”

    Kukka Ranta

    Kukka Ranta

    non-fiction author, journalist, PhD student, photographer

    "Working on non-fiction book about assimilation of the Finnish Sàmi Indigenous People and the ownership of the northern nature."

    Outin kuva nettisivuille

    Outi Silfverberg

    Coordinator, Forum for Environmental Information

    “I advance transfer of scientific information in the field of environmental research to national policy making and administration. My objective is to increase interaction between researchers and decision makers.”

    Natalia Saukkonen

    Natalia Saukkonen

    PhD student, Tampere University of Technology

    "I study how to integrate both profitability and environmental targets to investment decision-making."

    Eki Nylen

    Eki Nylén

    Doctoral Researcher, University of Tampere

    "I'm writing my disseration on advance of circular economy in Finland."


    Katri Rostedt

    PhD Candidate, University of Tampere and part-time Executive Director of Young Academy Finland

    "I am researching international boundary organizations that mediate environmental research to politicians and work on international science-policy interfaces"


    Marjo Siltaoja

    Senior Researcher, Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics (JSBE)

    "My research focuses on processes and means that influence on the legitimacy of proenvironmental markets "

    Violeta 2019

    Violeta Gutiérrez Zamora

    PhD researcher, University of Eastern Finland

    "I am writing my dissertation on the power relations deployed throughout conflicts and collaborations over the management, use, and conservation of forest."


    Galina Kallio

    PhD (Econ.) Post Doc -researcher, Aalto University School of Business

    "I study regenerative agriculture focusing particularly on socio-ecological value creation and work practices that remain mostly invisible in the official indicators and public and political discourses.”


    Meri Jalonen

    D.Sc. (Tech.), Postdoctoral researcher, Aalto University School of Business

    "I study the roles of experiments in societal transformation processes,
    particularly in the development of sustainable living.”