The Foundation uses the electronic system called E-Nessi for grant applications and managing the projects.

Through the system you can submit grant applications and requests for payment, track the payment records of your project, update your contact information and submit project reports.

Log on to E-Nessi

If you cannot open the PDF files (application and commitment forms) in E-Nessi, your browser probably does not allow pop-up windows. You can easily remove the pop-up window blockers, scroll down for instructions.

The information provided in E-Nessi constitutes a personal data register under the Personal Data Act. More about privacy protection at the end of this page.



How to start using E-Nessi?

To log in to the system, you need a user name and a password. New users can register to the system on the login screen. If you have forgotten your password, you can get it through a link on the login screen. Please note that E-Nessi considers the person making the application to be the project leader. Therefore, a new application must be made using the login information of the intended project leader (from Autumn call 2014 on the grantee him/herself).

When you have logged in to the system, you can see your unfinished applications, active projects, reports, project history and pending actions (for example, approving joining researches, filling in the request for payment, or reporting) listed on the main page. The main page is empty if you have not used the system earlier. You can select an application, report, project or function from the list by clicking on them.

Navigating and saving the forms

You can move through the pages of an application or a funded project by clicking the navigation buttons on the top of the screen or on the opening forms.  Write or select the information to the fields on the forms and save them one screen at a time using the buttons on the forms.


On the top of the screen there is a my profile link, through which you can find the links personal information and change password. On the personal information -page you can update your contact details and other information that will be used as the basis for new applications and as contact information for the Foundation. Please note that the profile updates will not be updated to the applications that you have finished previously.

Viewing and printing reports or applications

You can any time view or print a report or an application in one form by clicking the View printable form button (PDF icon). Leave the form by closing Adobe Acrobat. Print the form by clicking the print button in the PDF-window. The commitment page can be printed for signing by clicking Print commitment (PDF icon). If you cannot open the PDF files, your browser probably does not allow pop-up windows. You can change your browser settings to allow pop-up windows.


The project leader (from 2014 call on the grantee) has the widest range of options available in the research group. He or she can prepare applications, see all information on the project (such as personal information and payment records of all project persons), approve and send reports and requests for payment, and allow other researchers to join the project in E-Nessi. Grantees can fill in/update their own personal information, fill in payments schedules for personal grants (project leader must, however, approve and send them), and view all other project information, except the personal information and payment records of other researchers.

Other functions

Send button will send your application to the Foundation and lock it. This function is only available when you are updating the information on your unfinished application.

To leave the system click the Logout button on the top of the screen.

Detailed instructions for preparing an application and managing a funded project in E-Nessi.

In technical problems please contact technical support apuraha@aspicore.com.


Web browsers block the functions 'view printable form' (pdf) and 'print commitment' (pdf) if the pop-up window blocker is turned on. Below you find instructions for turning off the blocker in the most commonly used browsers. Please notice that the locations of functions may vary depending on the version of browser.

Mozilla Firefox

The pop-up blocker can be turned off through the Content tab (Tools - Options - Content). You also have the option to add exceptions to the Firefox pop-up blocker, allowing selected server addresses to show pop-up windows.

Internet Explorer

The pop-up blocker settings can be found on the Privacy tab (Tools - Internet Options - Privacy). You can also add server addresses which are allowed to display pop-ups: on the Privacy tab you can find aSettings button which opens the window 'Pop-up Blocker Settings' where you can add exceptions to the server addresses being blocked. Furthermore, you can adjust the level used for blocking pop-up windows.

Safari (Mac)

Clicking the cogwheel symbol in the right corner of browser window opens a menu where you find the option Block pop-up windows, through which the blocker can also be turned off.

Toolbars of search engines

Toolbars of search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.) can be installed into a web browser and may have pop-up blockers of their own.



The information provided in E-Nessi constitutes a personal data register under the Personal Data Act (523/1999).

Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation is the controller. The head of research Minttu Jaakkola acts as the contact person.

The collected personal data are used when processing the grant applications and managing the funded projects.

The register contains the information provided in grant applications and the information necessary for payment of grants (bank account, social security number, granted sum, date of payment and other payment details). The social security number is required for notifications made to the Tax Administration and the Farmers' Social Insurance Institution Mela.

The electronic connection to E-Nessi is protected by SSL-protocol. The personal data register comprised of the information provided in E-Nessi can be only accessed with a user name and password that are solely given to the appointed administrators and the named employees and experts of the Foundation. The server is situated in locked and controlled premises.

The collected data are stored as long as the information is needed for reporting and evaluation purposes of the projects.

Hard copies of the registered data are stored in locked and controlled premises.

In E-Nessi, the project leader can access all the information on the project. Other researchers may, upon request, gain entry to their personal data and other information of the project, except the personal data of other project members.

The amounts and recipients of grants are published at the website of Foundation.

The applicants and recipients of grants have the right to inspect the personal data related to themselves. The requests should be directed to the head of research Minttu Jaakkola.

The official description of data protection procedures of Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation (a pfd-file in Finnish).