Environmental Symposia


Since 1995, the foundation has arranged symposia on current environmental problems and their potential solutions. The goal of these symposia is to introduce current environmental research being carried out in Finland and elsewhere in the world. Finnish researchers and leading international experts are invited as lecturers.

The symposia provide a forum for discussion for researchers, students, decision makers,  companies as well as seek to heighten the awareness of the general public about topical environmental research and issues.



Soil at risk -ympäristösymposium 30.6.2021

Soil sustains life on our planet. It provides us with food and clean water. Healthy soil is teeming with diversity: a quarter of the world’s species live underground. The soil is also a large carbon store that mitigates climate change.

Our current way of using land threatens to render the soil unsuitable for cultivation during the next 60 years. We are in danger of losing the foundation of all life.

The Soil at Risk symposium on 30.6.2021 in Helsinki brings together a wide variety of research and practical information on protecting agricultural soil. The symposium invites researchers, farmers, businesses and decision-makers to answer vital questions together: How do we safeguard the soil for future generations? What kind of cultivation practices for soil regeneration are needed?

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VIII Environment Symposium: Water at Risk - What can Finland do to the Global Thirst?. In Paasitorni, Helsinki, 21-22.3.2017. 

VII Environment Symposium:  Connecting people and nature - The promise of ecosystem services? in Hanasaari, Espoo, 3.-4. 12.2013.

VI Environment Symposium:  The Global Environmental Change: Messages from Birds was organized together with BirdLife Finland in Hanasaari, Espoo, 17.-19.11.2010.

V Environment Symposium: Alien Species - Environment, Biorisks, Future (organized in collaboration with the Universities of Turku and Åbo Akademi), 18-19.1.2007 in Turku, Finland

IV Environment Symposium: Environmental problems and policies in growing urban areas(organized in collaboration with the University of Helsinki), 8.-9.12.2003 in Espoo, Finland

III Environment Symposium: Man and the Baltic Sea, 2.-3.10.2000 in Espoo, Finland

II Environment Symposium: Bioremediation of Contaminated Soil and Ground Water: Traditional Methods and Possibilities for Gene Technology, 27.-29.8.1998 in Helsinki, Finland

I Environment Symposium: Recent Developments in Cyanobacterial Research, 16.-18.8.1995 in Helsinki Finland