Administration and contact



Fredrikinkatu 20 B 16, 00120 Helsinki, Finland

Foundation office:

Administrative secretary, MSc Paula Eriksson

tel. +358 9 4342 550
GSM +358 50 345 4913
toimisto (at)

Inquiries concerning financial administration:

Attorney at law, Jarmo Hirvonen

GSM +358 500 811 521
jarmo.hirvonen (at)

Inquiries concerning research, communication and action:

Research Director, PhD Minttu Jaakkola

GSM +358 40 169 6325
e-mail minttu.jaakkola (at)
Twitter @MinttuJaakkola


Twitter: @NesslingSaatio


The foundation is administered by a governing board. An attorney, employed on a part-time basis, prepares and presents proposals to the board regarding the financial administration. The research director, employed on a full-time basis, prepares and presents the overall plans for the distribution of research grants and other activities of the Foundation. Proposals for projects to be granted are drawn up by a committee of experts, each appointed for a three-year term. The members of the committee represent universities and research institutes, and all are specialists in environmental issues.

The governing board of the Foundation

  • Vice chairman of the Board Professor Timo Kairesalo, University of Helsinki, Department of Environmental Sciences
  • Professor, dean Jari Niemelä, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences
  • Chairman of the Board PhD Tellervo Kylä-Harakka-Ruonala, Director, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK
  • MSc (Econ.), BSc (Pol.) Kristina Pentti-von Walzel
  • L.Soc.Sc. Tuula Varis, Director general, Ministry of the Environment
  • MSc (Econ.) Niina Bergring, Chief Investment Officer, Veritas
  • MSc (Econ.) Simo Honkonen, Senior Vice President, Sustainability and Public Affairs, Neste Corporation