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Written by: Nesslingin Säätiö | January 21, 2016 | In category: Blog

Finnish environmental research gets a new home in march as the Nessling Foundation’s new, free workspace for researchers opens in Punavuori, Helsinki. The purpose of the workspace, named “Nessling Nest”, is to help produce better environmental research.

Apply for a place in the workspace via E-Nessi

We are now looking for researchers interested in working in the Nessling Nest. You can apply for a place by filling an application form in E-Nessi. Fill the application with care; selection will be made based on the answers given. The number of places is limited.

The workspace opens for researchers on 7.3.2016

All environmental researchers, regardless of their funder, are welcome to apply. Researchers funded by the Nessling foundation have a priority. We hope that researchers using the workspace share an interest to meet new people, to share knowledge and to make an impact with research.

Environmental researchers can apply either for short visits lasting an hour, or a day, or for longer periods of 1—12 months.

The workspace is suitable for individual work as well as for small events such as seminars and workshops. In addition to being a quiet work environment, the workspace is meant to bring researchers under the same roof and help them develop new innovations and ideas to improve environmental well-being.


Ladybug, lily of the valley, birch, swan, perch and bear. Different rooms of the workspace are inspired by the national symbols of Finland.


The workspace has five different rooms for working. There are also a shared lounge, a room for events, a kitchen and showers. The largest room is big enough for events up to 30 people. There is also a smaller room for meetings of six people.

In the workspace, there is room for 12 researchers working with long-term projects. In pop up workspace there are places for another 12 people and the space is available at a short notice. The work itself can be anything from writing scholarship application letters to focusing on a research project.


Pop up room as designed by the students of Aalto University.

Every room has its own style, function and number of seats. The interior of the apartment of 200 square metres is designed by the students of Aalto University’s Creative Sustainability program. The design emphasises sustainable development and circular economy. Majority of the interior is second-hand.

We are happy to hear any ideas concerning versatile use of the workspace.

Fill the application form

First researchers will be chosen on 15.2.2016

The Nessling Nest is open for visitors on:

Tuesday 26.1 at 14:00
Tuesday 2.2 at 14:00
Tuesday 9.2. at 14:00

If you are interested in having a look at the workspace, please sign up for a visit at toimisto(at) 

For more information, please contact the head of research Minttu Jaakkola: